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Grief, Joy & Art

Grief, Joy and Art was an unexpected project, which took me almost a year to complete. It is now available in digital and print formats wherever books are sold. (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books...)

Joy is a familiar emotion, but rarely do we experience it in the midst of grief. And how on earth could art fit in the mix? Combining these three may appear odd, since they seem to lack emotional congruity to link them.

That is the wonder of this account—the confluence of disparate subjects—like oil and water, hot and cold, beautiful and ugly, separate, and yet here together. This narrative weaves independent strands into a tapestry of exquisite beauty! I boast because my role is insignificant, this being more David and Rachel's (not their real names) story with Jesus at its heart. He is the golden strand, transforming darkness to light.

We live in a fallen world where death surrounds us. There are no detours or short cuts to avoid its harshness or pain. If you've not already experienced grief, you will surely find yourself trapped in its vise like grip one day. Loss is inescapable—the loss of loved ones, hopes, dreams, aspirations, resources... —add your own loss to the list!

But for the Christian, there is hope in Jesus—and not just a little hope, but life transforming, peace imparting, overcoming hope! 

Only He can turn despair into more than just calm acceptance of circumstances, but deep, abiding joy! No 10 step grief recovery program can make that promise.

Unfamiliar with the oppressive grief brought about by the death of a beloved spouse, my exposure came through this art commission.  Art was to be the language of expression for love—not the familiar sentiments of infatuation, first love or passion. I was to capture in a work of fine art the triumph of my clients over grief by faith, and the love that delivered that victory.

This commission touched me deeply and their story simply begged to be told. I became convinced that this account could help others struggling to overcome the anguish of loss.

What's so special about this love story? It is true!

  • This authentic account is compiled from the journals, letters and personal materials of a cast of real people

  • It is about death, life, love and romance, with Jesus at the heart of it

  • Strangely, it is also about art.




Actually, just about everyone!

When death usually prevails and genuine hope is elusive, telling a true story of victory over darkness is powerful.  When man's wisdom comes up empty, Jesus delivers completely!

Grief, Joy & Art will bless

  • Artists seeking to serve the Lord and man with their creative gift

  • Anyone struggling with despair due to loss of any kind

  • Everyone yearning for the hope of eternity

  • Christians who love a faith building testimony

There would have been no story to tell without David's generosity in granting me access to his own words, written in the midst of his pain. Only because he was purposeful in his mission to help others was this book possible.

He is not a pastor, minister or member of the clergy, but the CEO of a Tech company, eager to encourage others with his story, despite its deeply personal nature.

God's word is powerful! I've trusted His promises many times and enjoyed amazing outcomes as a result. But never have I seen its power more vividly in quite this manner. I honestly thought that only time could heal grief—if at all. Surely only the passage of time would take the edge off pain to subdue it eventually to a dull, permanent throb, right? I discovered otherwise!

Neither dramatic, nor filled with descriptions of supernatural events, this account is raw, authentic, and in many ways, ordinary.

Yet isn't faith often like that—appearing ordinary and disguising its true power?

It is ordinary accounts of faith in Jesus, through the minefields of life, that best teach us how to live well.

So I urge you, get a copy and share it with someone grieving. Nothing would delight David more than knowing that his testimony of the goodness of his Savior, Jesus, helped another.

Reviews would be much appreciated.

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