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From Wedding Portraits to Art You Imagine

Commissions for clients in the United States only.

Wedding Bouquet


Art can convey the beauty of marriage, capture a vision, or distill the essence of a loved one more effectively than a photograph.

The ability of the artist's hands, with its limitations and imperfection, cannot be replicated by mechanical means.

It is visual poetry, speaking the nonverbal language of the Holy Spirit more than mere words can express.

Let me create an expression of your unique story in custom work, flesh out your favorite scripture, recreate a familiar landscape or interior nook, give expression to your vision, or capture the essence of someone you love in brush and color!

T H E  C U S T O M  P R O C E S S

I'd love to make the process stress-free and uncomplicated.

  • Detail your preferences in a form.

  • Schedule a phone conversation to clarify details.

  • Submit a deposit and sign the contract.


Then leave the rest to me.  I'll do what I love best to do—create a work of art with you in mind. 

When the work is complete, you'll get a sneak peek of a digital version of the art to approve. Your balance is then due and the art is shipped for you to enjoy for a lifetime.

Yes, it really is that uncomplicated!

Straight Talk About Commissions

I absolutely love working with clients to create something truly special! Collaboration is key, and I'm confident that together we can create a worthy work of art and faith.

Being inspired as an artist is crucial, so don't be shy sharing reference materials. Photos, background info, color preferences and any pertinent stories will get my creative enthusiasm going! Bombard me with more details than you may think is necessary!


But if what you provide doesn't quite light my fire, I reserve the right to politely decline. 


You have your unique story to tell, so give me your best and let's create something beautiful!

Wedding Decorations


"I recently commissioned Sara Joseph to create a painting for my engagement, and I must say,

the outcome was breathtaking.


Sara was professional and dedicated to bringing my vision to life.

I highly endorse Sara Joseph for anyone looking

for an artist who can create stunning works of art

with a personal touch and deep spiritual message.


Sara is a true master of her craft

and a testament to the power of God's love

flowing through her and onto the canvas."

Matt S

If you've read enough and are ready to explore possibilities, terrific!


Let's start the process by clicking on the link below to fill the form.

Help me understand your vision for the artwork.


Or bypass the form by using the CHAT button to schedule a phone call.

Media Choices

  • Gouache: Opaque, vibrant paint with a velvety matte surface finish on multi media board or archival paper. Art on paper must be framed under glass by the client. Gouache paintings on multi media board will be sealed with a fixative and can be displayed without a frame.

  • Watercolor: Transparent, flowing color creating delicate, ethereal effects on archival paper or multi-media board. Watercolor art on paper must be framed under glass by client. Watercolors on multi-media board will be sealed with a fixative and can be displayed without a frame.

  • Acrylic: Opaque paints in vivid colors. Matte or gloss surface finishes possible. Artwork can be on either paper, multi-media board or canvas. 

Please familiarize yourself with my style of painting by browsing the Watercolor Portfolio.

Pastel Paintbrush Marks


(excluding taxes and shipping)

  • $1400—18 x 24" Art on Archival Paper, Unframed

  • $1600—18 x 24" Art on Multi Media Board, Ready to Display

  • $ 2100—22 x 30" Art on Archival Paper, Unframed

  • $5000—30 x 40" Art on Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Ready to Hang

  • Custom—you pick the size and medium and I'll give you a quote.


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