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Eager for a Biblical perspective of art and creativity to energize your productivity and inspire your output? If so, this School is for you! 


If you have a burning desire to serve the Lord with the work of your hands, but are hesitant about your way forward, I'd love to help. Yet assurances I make about your calling, though encouraging, cannot match the thrill of hearing from God yourself! 


The ONLY way to hear His voice about your destiny as an artist is from the pages of the Bible.


One word from God can truly change your life forever!


But someone has to share that word. Someone has to explain how some verse, nugget of wisdom, or unalterable truth from the Bible was used to make a difference in

  • creating art, 

  • the quality of time spent in the studio

  • creativity

  • idea generation

  • handling sales or the lack of it

  • dealing with money

  • and other quirky aspects of the artistic life.


I am that someone! 

I recognized similar dreams, aspirations and hopes that Christian Artists around the world shared with me, along with their doubts and worries. The Bible has answers. When I put its truths to practice, I experienced God's goodness in my art and productivity! He honored my sincere attempts to serve Him as a Christian visual artist in unusual and exciting ways. I share those life lessons in this School!


Classes are self paced to be taken from the comfort of your own home. 

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Bible with tulips


Small Word, Great Power

An invitation to a examine a small word with great power to transform.

A free video from the Palm & Pen School for Christian Artists to explore the power of since small word.


Follow for Success

In a world of "Follow Me" icons there is only One truly worth following!

Follow me for success digital audio download


Bible Study for Christian Artists; School Overview

This course is a foundational preview of the content in the Palm & Pen School for Christian Artists

This course is a foundational preview of the content in the Palm & Pen School for Christian Artists

$ 200

Christian Artist's Vision & Mission Guide

Christian Artist's Vision and Mission Guide

Christian Artist's Vision and Mission Guide

$ 250


How to feed and grow your imagination in a God endorsed manner and experience His partnership in your creativity.

A Course on  developing Biblical Imagination


Money and the Artist: Well Supplied Creativity

Establish a biblical foundation for receiving and employing resources from God for your artistic destiny. Become a well supplied artist!

Money and the Artist is a course for Christian visual artists to teach them how to build a biblical foundation for handling money in their creative pursuits.

$ 200

Beginning in Faith as a Christian Artist

Is art your calling? Consecration and documenting your journey are taught in this Beginner's Course.

Beginning in Faith as a Christian Artist

$ 200

Powerful Lessons from Artists in the Bible

Powerful lessons from the Artists in the Bible that are for contemporary artists

A course teaching powerful lessons from the accounts of the artists in the Bible.


An Unforgettable Image

A brief course based on an unforgettable image to build faith for Christian Artists

A brief course to build your faith based on an unforgettable image.

$ 250

Biblical Art Therapy

In this course you will learn how to practice Biblical Art Therapy to overcome anxiety and fear.

Biblical Art Therapy Course to overcome Anxiety and Fear
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