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"I have found the courses I’ve taken from you to be very edifying and inspirational. Your content is always spot on and obviously inspired.

And even your lovely, soothing voice is a balm to the spirit. You are a cool glass of water in a parched and thirsty world!"

- Lynda Forgues

Small word, Great Power


I've been guilty of chasing the urgent and neglecting the significant. Life is brief and every minute matters. Do you know that there is limitless power in the Bible for your future as an artist? That destiny can only be fleshed out if the Holy Spirit is your guide and the Bible your manual of instruction. The abundant life that Jesus promised can be yours in art. The Palm & Pen School for Christian Artists was created to help you experience it. This lecture is FREE, so go ahead and dream of your potential as an artist in Christ!





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DISCLAIMER: The Palm & Pen School does not teach specific art and media techniques, marketing, accounting or financial money management. The courses in the School are aimed at equipping  Christian Visual Artists to successfully pursue their calling by renewing their mind with truths from the Bible.


In the Kingdom of God, faith is the real currency that brings about results. If you put Biblical principles to work you will see results.


I don't make any promise that God does not in His Bible. I merely articulate them in the context of art and from the perspective of my experience.


It is up to you to put these to practice, in faith, exercising patience until you see results. I make no guarantees, because outcomes are up to you.

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