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Good News

Landscape painting in acrylic by Sara Joseph of a gap through trees into the light.
Into the Light, Acrylic, Sara Joseph

That we, as Christian visual artists, are “sent ones” with good news for a lost world is an awe inspiring thought!

Convinced that we don’t possess the skills to express even the simplest of human emotions, spreading the Gospel with our creativity appears monumental and even impossible! Most of us feel hopelessly inadequate for the task.

Yet we’ve been blessed with artistic gifts and entrusted with this precious message—good news with the potential to transform lives.

Jesus commanded us to share it.

However, if we're honest, the task intimidates us more than inspires us!

"To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace." Luke 1:79


Initially, my trepidation about the mission was due to a lack of conviction about the enormity of this good news. Then, I felt overwhelmed by the opposite emotion—the impact of the gospel was so vast that where was I to even begin?

Digital painting by Sara Joseph of a woman reading her Bible.
Renewal. Digital Painting, Sara Joseph


  • Could I articulate how radically different I was because of Jesus?

  • Could I convince another of how precious His involvement was in the details of my life?

  • Could I remain silent when His goodness overwhelmed me?

  • How could I not respond when His name and character were maligned by those who did not yet know Him?

Our desire to recommend or suggest something is based solely on our appreciation of it, whether it be a restuarant, book or movie. If we were inspired, moved to tears or found the food delectable, telling everyone we know is effortless. We don’t have to muster up courage or prepare a speech to convey our enthusiasm—it just flows from within us!

Sharing the joys of our relationship with Jesus should be just as authentic. If we've experienced its vitality, known His love or been grateful for His protection, we cannot be neutral or bland about it.

  • Where are you in your journey with Jesus?

  • What has happened in your life which was undoubtedly His doing?

  • What was your life like before and how has it changed since knowing Him?

Your experiential knowledge (however meager it may seem to you), is the unique “treasure” in your “jar of clay.” The world is hungry for for an authentic expression of it. It is priceless and to be shared. Jesus meant every word of “Go, therefore, into all the world…”

Talking about it is easier than creatively expressing it in art, music or dance. That is by far a greater challenge.

As Christian visual artists, we're blessed with some measure of fluency in non verbal languages with the capacity to reach the depths of another human soul. Living the artistic life with Jesus is uncomplicated and thrilling. His yoke is truly easy and His burden light!

All we have to do is show up for the mission. Accept the challenge and depend on His help.

Invite Him as you step into wherever you create art—your little closet, study, studio or kitchen table. Then begin by faith. It is as simple as that.

I know that sounds trite, but it is what it is.

Faith is necessary, a potential stumbling block, but easily remedied. Receiving from Him what you could never accomplish on your own is an amazing experience.

It requires ignoring your own ability, or lack of it, while at the same time releasing faith in His. You must also trust in His willingness to partner with you in the process. I do it all the time and you can too!

Faith is only faith if, when you exercise it, there is not much to show for it. Otherwise it would not be called faith!

Don’t expect to believe, AFTER you SEE something grand in response to your faith.

Faith does not work that way. The order is important.

You must FIRST choose to believe that you HAVE received, as you ask for help.

Then you will receive.

This is vital and is easily overlooked, much to the frustration of many.

Remember, we “walk by faith and not by sight”.

Seeing is not believing, believing is the means by which we see!

Suspend criticism of your own ability—you are no longer working on your own! That is good news!

If you do not exercise faith and insist on being skeptical, you will sadly never experience the joy of His help. But I know that you would not do that!

So let me encourage you—the labor of the laborer is simply to show up ready to work with Him. Then as you do your little bit, He will do the rest.

Is that not so beautifully expressed in this account of the first “sent ones”?


"After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go." Luke 10:1


These "sent ones" only had to be willing to go ahead of Him. Jesus was planning to show up everywhere they went first. Surely we can do the same! He has not changed.

Today, although our message is the same as the early Christians, we'll not be trekking the Galilean countryside. Instead, with the Lord's presence and participation, we'll be sharing our unique story described through the creative medium of art.

He'll lead you to those who need to hear your unique expression of good news. When you create in faith, trusting in Him to keep His word, He will show up.

There's no greater joy than being in His presence, when in union with Him, you explore arenas that you'd never have ventured into on your own!

I testify to plenty of such precious hours in the studio and promise that if you trust Jesus, you can enjoy them too! Find out more.


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