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Sow in Tears, Reap with Songs of Joy!

Relief sculpture of a woman sowing and a woman with a basket of flowers
Sow in Tears, Polymer Clay Relief Sculpture, Sara Joseph

"Those who sow in tears, will reap with songs of joy.

He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy,

carrying sheaves with him" Psalm 126:5-6 NIV


I love discovering promises in the Bible that appear contrarian. God seems to relish offering a great exchange in return for a little act of faith in Him.

Almost all these promises are challenging to wrap our minds around, because they demand faith and corresponding action from us. But Oh, when you believe and they come to pass, what excitement at His power to turn bleak situations around!

Relief sculpture of a woman sowing seed, detail of a larger work.
Detail, Sow in Tears. Sara Joseph

The act of sowing in an abundant time is an act of faith. It is parting with precious seed that could be consumed. God is honored, because we are demonstrating trust in His ways.

In the verse from Psalm 126, He promises that those who sow seed in tears will reap a joyful harvest.

When, in our pain, we still choose to trust, and the seed we sow is buried in tears, then our return is even greater! It elicited greater faith in His power to redeem—and that is commendable in His sight.

Handing over, in faith, our failures, losses and even broken dreams, allows Him to work the sort of beauty, which only He can accomplish—beauty from ashes.

Both the sculpture and the poem were inspired by Psalm 126:5-6

Polymer clay relief sculpture detail showing a woman carrying a basket of flowers
Detail of Sow in Tears, Polymer Clay, Sara Joseph

"A Secret"

I stumbled on a secret rare

When so confused and full of care

Calmed a soft Eternal voice

Silencing the endless noise

Startled, I had to ponder

So strange I had to wonder

Sow in tears to reap with joy?

"Sow what?"was my helpless cry

Sorrow, pain and many tears,

Restless worry, hopeless fears

Hardly worthy seed to sow

I had to try if I must know.

My sorry seed He received

Such rich treasure, He decreed

Lord of the Harvest, I did not see

That in my sowing, I could be free.

Many blossoms, bright and bold

Treasure more dear than fine gold

To truly trust Him, a secret rare

This harvest then I gladly share

Do sow in tears, and you will reap

With songs of joy, such peace to keep

© 2007 Sara Joseph

If you've never considered the power of sowing God's word in your life, May I suggest a resource that will help you? The Power of the Seed: An Adult Coloring Devotional Journal.

It is a creative journal to linger and meditate on Bible truths while coloring hand drawn illustrations of unusual and familiar seeds.


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