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The Power of the Seed

Created to renew a sense of excitement in seeking God in the pages of the Bible, I conceived of The Power of the Seed as an adult coloring devotional journal.

Hand drawn abstract ink images of seeds celebrate their variety and beauty. Coloring them while contemplating truths Jesus teaches in the Parable of the Sower is at the heart of this art journal. I avoided quickly generated computer drawings in order to retain the essential quality of art, moved by the impulse of the heart and imperfectly expressed by human touch.

Filling the journal with personal insight from God's word makes for a natural fit— a holy act of submitting our humanity to His perfection by responding with our hands, from the heart.

Here, in North America, we're blessed with innumerable resources for assimilating the Bible. Entire bookstores and libraries are dedicated to commentaries, devotionals and other derivative literature.

We take it so much for granted that to contemplate its unavailability is an alien thought. Sadly, there are still so many places on our planet where God's Word is scarce.

The Bible

  • is precious, in a world drowning in words

  • is a personal love letter from our Father.

  • has the power to transform our lives from hopelessness to the sublime.

  • gives us battle plans for guaranteed victories, because they're already won by Jesus.

  • keeps us unwavering in following Him when the going sometimes gets tough and hope faint.

The strange thing about God’s word is that unless received by faith and treasured, it remains just words, without power.

Once you grasp its value and purpose to obey its words, there's nothing to stop your growth into a mighty man or woman of God!

This journal is an invitation to linger in His presence and to act on what He reveals. I assure you then that life will never be the same again!

Coloring page with blue seeds
Nina Joseph's Coloring Page 2: Sample from the book

If you’ve never quite grasped sowing as a key of the kingdom of God, then this journal is for you. If you're already adept at working this principle, reaping rich rewards as a result, you may still be moved in ways you’ve possibly not considered before.

As you respond to the prompts, color the drawings, read the poetry and look up references in your own Bible, while documenting your specific concerns, I pray you'll grasp the explosive power of the humble seed that Jesus used as a metaphor for growth in His kingdom.

Ultimately combining art and His word makes a powerful duo for creatives. Nina Joseph, a dear friend of mine, graciously permitted me to showcase some of her pages from the book. Her exquisite coloring work is a visual feast of inspiration! They make me want to pick up my own color pencils. How about you? Why not give it a go?


REVIEWS of The Power of the Seed: An Adult Coloring Devotional Journal

"I have a clearer understanding of my spiritual purpose. Sara Joseph’s work is sincere and genuine. She reflects this in her personality and her art work. I was “drawn” to color & meditate daily. I am grateful for the progress in color choices, time commitment & depth of meditation.

Carmen Drew, Colleyville, Tx

"Art and Bible Study!

As always, Sara's artistic talent is excellent and she is a gifted writer and Bible student. I can witness to her love of her God and His word. She prayerfully writes her studies and you will find her work inspirational." Amazon Customer, United States

"Fabulous concept of combining hand-drawn coloring designs with blank pages for ones personal journal. Scattered throughout the pages are insightful meditations on the Power of the Seed---God's Word. Highly Recommend!" Ann M.

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