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Consider the Lilies: An Adult Coloring Devotional Journal

Consider the Lilies combines the creative activity of coloring with thinking upon Jesus' words from Luke 12.

If you tend to worry or obsess about the future, this book is for you.

Even if you don't, lingering upon these scriptures while coloring will increase your faith, bringing meaning to an otherwise purely tactile activity.

Stack of coloring books titled Consider the Lilies

I'm embarrassed to admit this, when I first began working on Consider the Lilies: An Adult Coloring Devotional Journal I was confident that I fully grasped what Jesus meant about the lilies of the field.

Convinced of their eloquent simplicity, my pen drew lily after lily, certain that even the children who heard Him, sprawled on a grassy hillside over two thousand years ago, would have easily understood Him.

That's true. Bright-eyed children grasp effortlessly what comes slower to adults, who are dulled by the stresses of grown-up living!

As I worked in ink on the drawings and thought upon the words, I had to admit that I knew and understood little!

The Bible is like that—deliciously simple in a cursory read, but infinitely rich and complex the more one prayerfully thinks upon the words. My understanding was undeniably shallow.

I was living life in so many ways as if Jesus never spoke those words!

Are you, perhaps, doing the same?

If you worry, you are!!

There's no way to truly grasp what He meant without taking Him at His word and acting on them in faith. Only then will the light of His words shine its transformative light into our hearts.

Reading the Bible is not about understanding the meaning of its words. Anyone can do that. Making His words part of the fiber of our lives by living them out takes time, just like coloring all the little spaces is a laborious process. But it is time well spent!

As Christians, we earnestly intend to obey His words, but intentions do not bring His peace, actions of faith do. We need His help to cross that divide between our good intentions and the outcome we desire. Only then will we live life as He intended.

My prayer as you color in this journal, is that you will

  • Find quiet confidence in Jesus, despite challenges that you face in life

  • Become strong in spirit as you record truth He reveals that are personal

  • Never worry again. Yes, that's right, NEVER worry again! (Well, you will be tempted to do so often, then remember His words and quit!)

  • Realize that a beautiful life in union with Jesus is His intention for you

  • Expect excellence in your own life because He is excellent.


Looking for inspiration on how to color?

Check out Nina Joseph's pages from her copy of the book.

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