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Christian Visual Artist Resource: a guide for creative Christians in the Visual Arts

As a Christian artist, do you create with the awareness of your destiny?

Something to think about, isn't it? Perhaps you are eager to fulfill God’s plan, yet unsure of how to live it out.

Welcome to the Christian Visual Artist Resource, formerly Christian Artist Resource. I added the keyword "Visual" to reach those who are not Christian musicians. The keyword "Christian Artist" usually ends up retrieving musicians in internet searches.

Although the Bible instructs us to walk by faith and not by sight, God's gift of sight for the artist can enhance the walk of faith. Creating art engages all the senses, interpreting the world for our senses to feast upon through drawings, paintings and sculptures. However, the art we create can still point back to the Creator and glorify Him, instead of merely satisfying the senses. In doing so, we blend faith with sight in a manner pleasing to God.

God's gift of creativity can help you create art that furthers His kingdom. The art making process has the potential to enhance your life by becoming meaningful and intensely satisfying. With over three decades of art making experience, it is my hope that the lessons from my journey will encourage your own adventure.


Christian painting, digital art of a woman's profile with geometric design.
Arise, Digital Painting, Sara Joseph

Arise, shine; for thy light is come,

and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.

Isaiah 60:1


We have come to that critical crossroads in history when "gross darkness" is everywhere. But according to Isaiah's timeless words, that is our cue to ARISE!


"For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee."


We are light bearers carrying His light into the world. And if you are toying with the idea if you can do that through the visual poetry of art, then this blog is for you.

Have you wondered if your calling is to be an artist in His service? You are not alone. Conflict is to be expected as you discover and walk out your calling by faith. Just know that even if the world does not acknowledge your calling, it is sacred in the eyes of the Lord.

.."for God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable." Rom 11:29

God has an exciting future in art for you, if you dare to trust Him with it. The journey may often feel challenging. But do not think of yourself as isolated. May it encourage you to know that others have gone before you, and there are many today who walk with you!

There are lessons to be learned and knowledge to be assimilated.

God will never guide you anywhere without also providing every resource necessary for you. He is El Roi, the One, who dwells outside time and sees all that is to come. He will generously help all who turn to Him. Will you?

I've experienced the loneliness of showing art in places hostile to my passionate faith. Yet I learned that I was never alone. You too, my friend, are never alone. In fact, the riches of your relationship with Jesus defines and sets you apart as a Christian artist.

In this blog I will I share my years of trial and error to help you grow in your passion for God and in your calling as an artist. This has been the grand adventure of my life. I've been blessed with the thrill of many wins, experienced many crushing disappointments, and made my share of mistakes. I testify that despite the challenges serving the Lord Jesus with my art is a precious privilege.

As Christian visual artists, we are called to do more than to merely illustrate the Bible. We are to be artists, whose faith is an inseparable part of who we are and all we create!


Christian Visual Artist Resource


May the Lord use ideas in this blog to help you

  • Uncover your hidden God-given gifts and creative talents, because they often do lie hidden and need His Spirit to reveal them to you.

Christian Visual Artists Resource, Consider the Lilies: An Adult Coloring Devotional Journal sample page
Consider the Lilies, Sample Coloring Page
  • Anchor your gift to your faith, confident of God’s partnership in your artistic endeavors. This anchoring will take longer than you imagine, since trust in your Anchor is at the heart of this process.

When you run dry, as we all will sometimes, may you find inspiration from the stories of other artists, I will recount here. We are the Body of Christ. It is essential that we stay connected and learn from one another truths that Jesus, the Head, has taught us.

Are you are a newbie in the world of art?

I hope to assure you of the gravity of your call.

If you are an experienced Christian artist, perhaps you will find thought-provoking content to encourage you to explore your unique language of art.


Christian Visual Artist Resource is for artists at all levels


Do you just love viewing art, but don't consider yourself an artist. Perhaps you'd enjoy relaxing by coloring. I've created adult coloring books of original drawings to help you engage in the calming act of coloring while meditating on God's holy word, the Bible. The sample page above from Consider the Lilies: An Adult Coloring Devotional Journal is one that a friend of mine, Nina Joseph, colored.

Our unique journeys will be different, but the lessons we all must learn about walking with Jesus will be universal. So join me on this journey of faith as together we fulfill our calling with excellence.

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