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"I have found the courses I’ve taken from you to be very edifying and inspirational. Your content is always spot on and obviously inspired.

And even your lovely, soothing voice is a balm to the spirit. You are a cool glass of water in a parched and thirsty world!"

- Lynda Forgues

Christian Artist's Vision and Mission Guide

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In this course, you will unwrap the power and potential of art in a manner that is Bible-based and uncommon. We live in a time where the true purpose of the gift of art has been corrupted. We are to live with an acute awareness of our eternal destiny. Therefore, we cannot afford to spend our brief time here on earth seeking our own outcome for the art we create. Our lives as Christians are to be lived in Christ and our only Lord is to be Jesus. In this course, I'll show you truths from the Bible that will give you a unique perspective on art and its role in life. Unleash your spirit to more fully experience the joys of making of art! These are outcomes you can expect upon completion of course: You will 1. Clarify the Biblical role of art 2. Distill your mission as an artist. 3. Learn to strategically use art for different outcomes. 4. Engage with confidence in art with the Lord's blessing and partnership. The lessons I teach here are those the Lord taught me over many years. While you can read the Bible yourself, it helps to have someone explain how to apply Biblical truths to your life, especially as an artist. The lessons I learned from my journey can offer answers to challenges you face in your own life as an artist. This Bible study could save you years of trial and error in understanding God's wonderful gift of art.





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DISCLAIMER: The Palm & Pen School does not teach specific art and media techniques, marketing, accounting or financial money management. The courses in the School are aimed at equipping  Christian Visual Artists to successfully pursue their calling by renewing their mind with truths from the Bible.


In the Kingdom of God, faith is the real currency that brings about results. If you put Biblical principles to work you will see results.


I don't make any promise that God does not in His Bible. I merely articulate them in the context of art and from the perspective of my experience.


It is up to you to put these to practice, in faith, exercising patience until you see results. I make no guarantees, because outcomes are up to you.

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